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What is a bunion?
A bunion is the movement of the big toe toward the second toe with a "bump on the bone"; appearing on the side joint of the big toe. Many people erroneously believe that shoes cause bunions. Bunions are actually hereditary, often affect both feet, and are progressive meaning the big toe will continue to move over time and the “bump” will become larger. Besides being unattractive, bunions can cause balance problems, abnormal weight distribution, arthritis of the joint, and chronic pain. Additional problems many include hammertoes, corns, calluses, and neuromas. Surgery is the only solution for correcting this progressive misalignment of bones and joints.


Mild Bunion

Moderate Bunion

Severe Bunion

Bunion Correction with MINIMALLY Invasive Surgery
We use a technique called Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) to correct bunions and performs treatment in an adjacent outpatient surgical facility. The surgery is performed under local

anesthetic and conscious sedation with the use of a fluoroscope, a medical device that provides a real-time, moving picture “x-ray” of joints and bones. With the use of MIS, there is less tissue damage, reduced pain and swelling, and more mobility. Not only are patients typically able to stand and walk the day after surgery, but also able to return to work within days and able to carry out most of their normal daily activities. Hospitalization is not necessary.




Typical Benefits of Bunion Correction With Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Small incisions reduce likelihood of visible scarring
  • No use of internal hardware (e.g. plates, screws, wires)
  • Less pain and swelling and increased mobility
  • No casts, canes, walkers or crutches
  • Fast recovery and return to normal activities
*Not every patient is a candidate for bunion correction with minimally invasive surgery.



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